Sour Gummy


Zkittlez x San Fernando Valley OG Kush ( cut )

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Who doesn't like jelly beans with fruit salt? For that reason we have created this wonder which perfectly produces
 that desired aroma and flavor. To get the final product we have started from the famous Zkittles and we have 
given it a fairly Sour parent (San Fernando Valley OG Kush cut). The result is a plant with a hybrid structure, 
although the leaves show an indica tendency, the internodal distance and the exponential growth are reminiscent 
of the American Sour/Og varieties. Very simple plant to acquire shades as soon as the temperatures drop a little.

Its flowering period is around 9 weeks, outdoors mid-early September in Spain. With a 
production of flowers that can be considered between medium and high, the production of resin is very high, 
perfect for extractions of Rosin, Bho, Ice O lator... etc.

Plant suitable for indoors and outdoors, with very high results in THC, reaching 23.3% in some specimens, but the 
most notable thing has been the production of THCV, which is greatly increased when growing our Sour Gummy 

In aeroponic systems we recommend giving it just the right amount of vegetative, since if you are growing in a closet,
 they easily reach the ceiling and the tips are affected by the heat of the bulb (in the case of HPS or variants that 
produce a lot of heat) in grows with leds this problem is minimized.

Outdoors we recommend giving it a large amount of soil, the more the better, it is a devourer of land, it will take 
advantage of everything and give it back to you, you can get huge monsters totally untouchable from how sticky 
they remain. Without a doubt, an ideal plant to select a mother.

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