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Some years ago the famous breeder TGA Subcool bank decided uncataloged this marvel, which did not understand

because it was always our preferred varieties. We got down to work because we had a few packages

acquired over the last previous years we could get behind in some grow shops of Spain. And it is here

when finally we present our second album dedicated to store a variety no longer in print, and this time

Plushberry, creating TGA Subcool.

This fruit in the form of cannabis is a perfect combination of delicacy, kush and some hints of pineapple

the famous Cinderella 99.

It grows as a hybrid 50/50 branching easily take beautiful shades buds full of resin very

clingy are some turrets (foxtails) at the ends of the same. You’ll notice that in vegetative leaves bow

up surpassing even the main knot, it then returns to normal as it starts flowering.

two very similar phenes be seen, the first taking shades easily due to the parental genes present Black

Cherry Soda. The second is somewhat less color but form larger and denser structure buds. both with

a unique aromatic nuances. In either cases, they are plants that grow very vigorously not give

problems, and are resistant to mold.

Plushberry = Space Queen x Black Cherry Soda = (Romulan x Cinderella 99) x Black Cherry Soda.

Genetics: 50% sativa 50% indica

Plushberry x Plusheberry

Indoor flowering: Around 8 to 9 weeks.

Flowering outdoor: End of September early October.

Interior Production: 500 – 900gr depending cropping system.

Production outside: Up to 1.2 kg depending on the volume of soil.

Size: M – L

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