Laws and jurisdiction.

Legislation and Jurisdiction

The importing, possession and traffic of hemp seeds is not subject to regulation according to the Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs signed in Vienna in 1961, which expressly excludes the seeds of the cannabis plant from the narcotic substances subject to international oversight.

The regulations and legislation regarding hemp seeds vary greatly from country to country. In several countries, including Spain, Italy, the Netherlands, Great Britain, Ireland, Austria, Poland, Czech Republic, Denmark, Slovenia, Romania, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Russia, Chile, Uruguay, Colombia and Canada, no permit is required to trade in hemp seeds.

As customers of Dr. Underground Feminized Seeds we ask that you accept the following conditions:

Dr. Underground Feminized Seeds markets hemp seeds and other products that are absolutely legal in Spain, but always under the condition that our customers do not use them for any unlawful purposes. Spanish law does not prohibit the purchase and sale of hemp seeds within Spain. The possession and sale of hemp seeds is not regarded as a criminal offence, as recently recognised by the Prosecutor’s Office of the Supreme Court.

We ship our seeds on condition that they will not be used for any purpose other than those specified by local law. Dr. Underground does not wish to encourage anyone to break the law. We expressly state that anyone purchasing seeds from Dr. Underground Feminized Seeds is responsible for all future acts.

Dr. Underground Feminized Seeds has never, nor will ever authorise third parties to distribute seeds to countries where the trade of hemp/cannabis seeds is illegal; for this reason Dr. Underground Feminized Seeds assumes no responsibility in this regard.